The YPCC 'Yuille Campus' provides connection and re-engagement programs linked to 'hands on' or applied learning.

At YPCC 'Yuille Campus' the Victorian Curriculum is referred to and adapted carefully to cater for the needs of each individual student in our care. 

At Yuille Campus we refer to the analogy with the students that when choosing a new bike that they don’t need to purchase it ready made and that they can build their own bike from the very beginning. The way their bike looks and the purpose of each bike is different and so must be their learning pathways. In essence, the learning pathways are created with the students for the students.
— Daniel O'Kelly

The core subjects at YPCC 'Yuille Campus' include:

  • English
  • Mathematics 
  • Technologies

The core subjects are imperative to the successful future of the students. The delivery varies however and in most cases the core subjects are embedded throughout the Elective opportunities. The students learn the life long skills necessary through areas of interest and while doing so continue to develop their interpersonal skills and to strive to demonstrate active and informed citizenship within society.

Electives include opportunities in the areas of:

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Wood Work
  • The Arts
  • Food Technology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Physical Education 
  • Our Community

English, Mathematics and Technologies are embedded within the above elective opportunities.

There are approximately fifteen students in each class at any one time.



The timetable at YPCC 'Yuille Campus' is flexible and unique to each individual student and their needs. 

 Lesson duration is 2 hours.



Students at YPCC 'Yuille Campus' experience learning within the community in which they live regularly. Excursion opportunities include visits to local bike tracks, hardware stores, Lake Wendouree, recreational facilities and any other areas of interest that the staff team in consultation with the students believe will support their goals to be life long learners.

In 2016 some of the experiences offered included surf lessons in Torquay, sailing on Lake Wendouree, visits to markets in Melbourne, exploring bike and scooter skills at RampFest, rock climbing and tours of Timber Mills.

All of these learning experiences held purpose and were embraced by those who had shown responsible choice making and in turn earnt each privilege.


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hands on












I just didn’t fit in at my old school. I couldn’t do a lot of the work in big groups where teachers taught things I didn’t understand. At Yuille Campus I get to learn in small groups and do projects with choice, plus at the end the experiences at Yuille Campus will help me to get a good job doing what I like to do.
— Student aged 16
I found my secondary school too hard, I was in trouble for not being able to do my work. I started to hang out with my mates up the street and stopped attending school. Yuille Campus allows me a flexible timetable that suits my needs. I have started to improve my reading comprehension and numeracy and this will help me when I start looking for a job.
— Student age 17




YPCC 'Yuille Campus' is an education setting option for secondary school aged youth in the Ballarat region, for whom a mainstream setting has not been a 'good fit' for them.


The Team









The Team










The YPCC 'Yuille Campus' is led by Beau Guest with carefully planned consultation and support from main campus acting Principal, Brett Shillito and Assistant Principal, Daniel O’Kelly.

We understand that the students who attend YPCC 'Yuille Campus' have experienced challenges in their lives to date and for this reason all students have the privilege of learning with a minimum of two staff members, each and every time they participate in a class at 'Yuille Campus.' 

We believe that this staffing structure is imperative as we strive to support all student needs and to ensure they reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. The structure ensures that students can be supported in the most effective way possible to engage as learners.