Mainstream Primary Schools are invited by YPCC 'Yuille Campus' to offer students in their care a YPCC Yuille Campus experience known as the 'Taster Program' for those students in Grades 5 and 6 who may benefit from the experience.

Taster Programs run on Friday mornings. Students are collected from their school via the Yuille Park Community College bus and returned to school at the conclusion of the program.

While at YPCC 'Yuille Campus' visiting students engage in hands on experiences in the areas of Industry which includes metal work and wood work, The Arts as well as opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills.

For further information about this community initiative contact Daniel O'Kelly YPCC 'Yuille Campus' leader.

School can be hard for me. I have lots of challenges. I like going to Yuille Campus because I like working with my hands and I am good at it.
— Student age 11